Manufacturing of Ventury Injector

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Product Desription

Now-a-days by using drip irrigation system, farmers ate producing variery of crops not only of grapes, banana, sugarcane, pomegranate but also of flowers, For this, traditional fertilizer methods are used. In same Places Fertilizer soluble in water are used. For this purpose they use fertilizers tanks or H.T.P. Pumps. Elsewhere fertilizers are supplied by foot pumps also or pumps of 0.5 HP are used

Product Features

Safety from sunlight or heat : A Fertilizer Injector has been manufactured by using high quality raw materials and also by using high stndard ultra-voiles materials, it is safe from sun heat. It also helps to increase its life.

Chemical Resistance :Chemicals like acids and bases donot make any adverse effect on it. So it lasts for years together. The cost of maintainance and repairs is very low. It is also more durable and strong hence no necessity of replacing it or repairing it and no maintenance is required.