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- With enriched industrial experience have been able to offer a wide spectrum of Header A ssembly. - We manufactured this header assembly by using high quality Polypropylene cutting edge techniques.


The PP Header Assembly Flange End is a component used in various applications, particularly in the field of farming. It is designed to connect and secure pipes or tubes in a header system. The assembly features a flange end that allows for easy attachment to other components or structures.

Application - Farming: The PP Header Assembly Flange End is commonly used in farming applications. It plays a crucial role in irrigation systems, where it helps in distributing water from a water source to various agricultural fields or crops. The assembly connects multiple pipes or tubes, allowing water to flow efficiently and evenly across the fields, ensuring proper irrigation and crop hydration.

Where you use: The PP Header Assembly Flange End is used in agricultural settings, such as:

Crop irrigation systems: It is an essential component in drip irrigation, sprinkler systems, or other types of irrigation setups commonly used in farming. The assembly facilitates the distribution of water to the fields, ensuring proper watering of crops.

Greenhouses: In greenhouse farming, the PP Header Assembly Flange End is used to create a network of pipes or tubes for delivering water and nutrients to the plants. It enables controlled irrigation and helps maintain optimal growing conditions within the greenhouse environment.

Livestock farming: The assembly can also be utilized in livestock farming for watering animals. It can be incorporated into watering systems for cattle, poultry, or other livestock, ensuring a reliable water supply to meet their hydration needs.

Agricultural research: The PP Header Assembly Flange End may be used in research facilities or experimental farms where controlled irrigation systems are required to study crop growth, water efficiency, or other related agricultural parameters.

Overall, the PP Header Assembly Flange End is a versatile component primarily used in farming applications to ensure efficient and effective water distribution for irrigation purposes, benefiting crop production and agricultural activities.