PP & HDPE Compressor Pipe Fitting

Poonam Compressor Fitting For HDPE Pipe.

Bend MTA MTA Coupler
Technical Data
Diameter (DN) Pressure (PN)
20-63 mm 16 bar
75-110 mm 10bar
Working temperatures -20°C to +80°C
Special Features of Poonam Compressor Fitting
1. Can not cross-thread
2. Saw resist pull out and prevent unscrewing due to vibration
Flexible Grip Ring:
1. Keeps the 'D' ring in place
2. When the nut is removed, grip ring is completely free on the pipe
3. Easy to remove, no tools needed
4. Grips the pipe firmly, when the nut is tightened
'D' Ring:
1. Can not fall out of the fitting
2. Will not twist when the pipe is inserted
3. Makes fitting easy maintained, can be taken out and cleaned
Additional Features of Poonam Compressor Fitting
1. Can be used with HDPE, MDPE, LDPE Pipes
2. Connects to metal and plastic accessories with ISO 7 threads.
3. Are made from top quality raw materials Polyproplene Copolymers
4. Allows easy and quick mounting without loss of parts.
5. Are unbreakable, corrosion-resistant and resistant to most chemicals.
6. Stands up to tough working conditions, pipe bending and pulling.